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Top Tips

There’s More To Singing

Learning to sing is much more than just learning a pretty melody. It’s important to be aware that learning to sing also means learning a mixture of; technique, vocal care, theoretical knowledge, stagecraft, emotional development, lyrical analysis and portrayal, musicianship, music theory, connection with the audience, practice techniques, and dedication to the craft.

In order to get the most out of lessons, you should learn to love what you do, and to practice regularly.

In many ways learning to sing is harder than other instruments, because there are no buttons, and you can’t see what is happening internally, so most of it is felt by the student.

Practice Makes Perfect

It’s highly recommended that all students practice in their own time on a weekly basis, and have a suitable study area at home.

Student’s need to feel encouraged, so it’s important for parents to make learning fun!

It is essential to warm up before you practice! Check out our downloads section for practice guides.

Vocal Care

Vocalists carry their voices and use them wherever they go, so they need to make sure to look after it! After all, we can’t replace our voice as we can a guitar.

Also, It’s often costly to physically see any damage that may have occurred after improper care and poor technique. ENT specialist appointments cost around $60 each! I’d hate to hear that any of my students developed Nodules and Polyps, or unhealthy / dangerous singing habits.

This is why we need to apply adequate vocal care, and do warm ups before we sing.

What To Bring

It’s a good idea to bring a voice recorder, water, a notebook/pen, & pencil, and an organised port-folio style folder with all of your handouts and music to classes to get the most out of lessons.

Tuition Aids

We have tuition aids available including a vocal technique guide book, and will be expanding the guidebook series and also including video and audio clips for purchase to aid with home practice. Our facebook page and YouTube Channel contain helpful advice and videos to help you along the way. Please contact us for more info.

Lesson Discounts

From time to time we do offer discounts on lessons, check out the Facebook Page and offers tab for more info.

Handy Hints

Check out our offers page for information on offers.

In the downloads section, you can find helpful handouts. The vocal enrolment guide forms include information on what to expect from lessons in detail.

If you are ever struggling with a concept, or have special circumstances, we are always there to help, and depending on the circumstance, we may be able to accomodate your needs / requests - all you have to do is ask, and we will opffer an alternative that could work better for you.


We have a feedback form and suggestion box. If you feel that something should be said regarding our tuition service, we’d like to know about it, so drop us a comment or two, and we’ll try to improve our services.