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About Jess

Qualifications and Accreditations

Jess at the Surrey Downs Studio


The Tutor


Currently, Jess tutors at her home-studio in Parafield Gardens, fostering each students' love for music and transforming vocal abilities into more than could have been imagined, embracing each students’ unique style, whilst helping them find their star potential. Jess assists the students with songs and techniques to suit their own voices, challenges, and niches.

After spending several years instructing at Adelaide's Premier Rock Academy, Jess married and shared her passion for music with the northern suburbs; thus between January 2013 and July 2015 Jess tutored hundreds of students at Salisbury's Music Corner. After the birth of her Son, Jess decided to consolidate her tuition into her home studio, with the exception of St Francis Xavier’s.

Jess has been tutoring professionally since 2009, though she began freelancing in 2004, coaching her classmates in individual sessions, and taking the choirs and ensembles through warm-ups and exercises.

Genres/singing styles taught; Funk, Free-jazz, Ska, African, Pop, Gospel, Rock, Swing, Latin, Rap, R&B, Contemporary, Modal, and Bossa Nova.

Her eclectic degree has equipped her with skills in conducting, stagecraft, transcribing, arranging, vocal percussion, scat singing and improvisation, vocal healing, eurhythmics, complex rhythmic patterns, writing vocalize, and spontaneous composition.

Jess’ vast experience in many group situations has given her an appreciation for choral singing, harmonization, and vocal blend, and she has also tutored choral directors.



Jess played Bb Tuba with Adelaide’s Enfield Brass Band and the Kelmzig Oompah Band between 2014 and 2017. Among her hilights there was performing “Around The World In 80 Minutes” for the 2014 Fringe Festival,

“A Soundtrack To The 20th Century” in 2017, singing “Bohemian Rhapsody” with student Bree Mibus, Attending the nationals Brass Band Competition, and winning first place in the C division of the State Brass Championships in 2016.

In 2013-2014 Jess was a valued committee member, Eb Tuba player, Deputy Conductor and Deputy Musical Director of the Modbury St John Ambulance Band. There, she regularly directed, and taught musical concepts.

Jess auditioned for her B.Mus degree on both Tuba and Voice, getting in on both. Ultimately she decided to pursue her singing career.

From 2008 until she switched bands in late 2009, Jess directed junior band members in the Port Adelaide City Band.

Jess was a trombone tutor and mentor in her senior years of high school, in 2007 and 2008, and often toured local schools, playing and showcasing brass instruments.

Jess has been learning brass since 2003, and was heavily involved with Woodville High School"s Wind Ensemble, Big Band, Stage Band, and Drumline.


Dalcroze Eurhythmics

This is field that Jess is involved in, dealing with music through movement.

Her love of this field was sparked in 2012 when she attended a week-long workshop in
Dalcroze Eurhythmics.

This approach is particularly good with younger children, the elderly, and in group contexts The philosophy is that music needs to be understood internally before it can be expressed externally.

Jess has used this method with many students between 5 and 75. Jess used to volunteer for group Eurhythmics classes at Adelaide’s Elder Conservatorium of Music prior to the programmes closure in early 2014.


The Performer

Jess is no stranger to the stage; she has been performing for crowds since she was seven, at school events, and with big name artists, such as Kamahl. She now amongst Adelaide’s best up and coming vocalists, and Annually performs in the Civic Park Carols.

Jess is forever captivating her audiences in new and exciting ways, with her natural and soulful abilities, and regularly auditions for musical theatre roles.

Jess recently performed with Charmaine Jones' Gospo Choir in Light the Night and performed solo at that event to over 32,000 people.

Throughout her 20+ year career, Jess has worked alongside various vocalists and musicians, including;

Justine Clarke, Kamahl, The Borderers, Charmaine Jones, Sarah Whiteley, Mark Simeon Furguson, Aaron Deanshaw, Erica Graf, Evan Whetter, Lilian Boute, Trace Canini, Sophie Zerner, Kylie Ferreira, Logan Watt, Marlene Richards, Freddy Payne, George Grifsas, and Harvey Duff, Luke Thompson, Naomi Eyers.

Jess singing
Jess performing in Adelaide’s Scott Theatre in November 2012.

Performance experience is important for any musician, making Jess’ experience in solo and ensemble situations very valuable.

Jess has performed at; Civic Park Carols, The Royal Adelaide Show, Light The Night, Elder Park Carols, Adelaide Festival Theatre, Adelaide Entertainment Centre, Schutzenfest, The Promethean, Brompton Hotel, Newmarket Hotel, Wheatsheaf, Scott Theatre, Ayers House, as well as at Generations In Jazz in Mt Gambier, and the Melbourne School Bands Festival.

As a proud member of Woodville High school's Specialist Music Program Jess was titled the "Most Versatile Performer" of the school in 2007, and was the school's featured vocal soloist, regularly singing at major school functions, corporate gigs, state-wide and local events, competitions, cabarets and assemblies.

Jess also participated in the Festival of Music throughout her schooling in various capacities.

Jess was a valued mentor and role model in all of the ensembles that she has been involved in, such as; the Port Adelaide City Band, and the Modbury St John Ambulance Band, (On Tuba,) as well as many school bands, including; the Stage band, Big Band, Drumline, African Choir, Soul Choir, and Wind Ensemble. Of course, she has also had extensive involvement in ensembles as a vocalist, including; The Australian Youth Choir, and Adelaide Universities’ Kind Of Blue Choir. Jess has also been a lead vocalist and soloist in; Herbies Heroes, Miles Ahead, and various school choirs. She was also the lead (and backing) vocalist for 3 years at the Filipino Baptist Church.

Jess loves musical theatre and acting, and has also been involved in a number of drama and musical productions including; “Sleeping Beauty”, and “The Flying Machines”, as well as the cast of “Fame, the musical” (2003), Snug and Egeus in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” (2006), and Mrs Drudge in “The Real Inspector Hound” (2007), as well as Wakakirri and Rock Eisteddfod entries, Tournament of Minds acts, and small skits at The Parks Drama Club. Most recently she auditioned for the role of "Fruma Sarah" in the 2017 production of "Fiddler On The Roof."